wheat battle Italian ministry

wheat battle Italian ministry

Wheat Battle, the Italian Ministry moves

Wheat battle, the Italian farm policy ministry is moving. To the protests from hard wheat growers, vexed by excessive imports and freefall prices, the agriculture minister Maurizio Martina responds, illustrating some initiatives at the Mipaaf cereal branch national board and affirming: “We want to protect the income of those producing and develop 100% Italian wheat”.

The measures include creating a voluntary sole brand for wheat and transformed products and approving a 10 million Euro fund to launch a national cereal plan to qualify Italian products, so the transformers can buy more and more made in Italy products. Also confirmed is CAP (Common Agriculture Policy) help for grain, worth about 70 million Euro a year till 2020, while reinforcement of branch contracts will be helped by new Fall brands with a total budget of 400 million Euro, which wheat linked plans may also draw on.

A new insurance tool should protect the producers from excessive market fluctuations, while instituting a sole national hard grain Commission is foreseen to give price forming more transparency.

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