Rossana Candy

Rossana Candy

Caramelle Rossana, historic Made in Italy candy

Caramelle Rossana, historic Made in Italy sweet brand, returns to Italy. It was bought off Perugina-Nestlé by Fida, known Italian (Asti) companies producing candy from 1973, paying great attention to ingredient selection: Bonelle, Sanagola, Charms, Gocce, Tenerezze, Gnammy and Irresistibili are its brands.

With an initial Agreement to lead to purchase by June 2016, together with caramelle Rossana, Fida also buys Fondenti, Glacia, Fruttalegre, Lemoncella and Spicchi. But memories concentrate on the “Red” of the creamy heart: it’s an Italian icon, born in 1926.

Equally rooted in Italian candy history is Fida, active for over 40 years. It is now a high-calibre player in candy, with a segment share of 3.5% and a 2015 turnover of around 15 million Euro.

The Swiss multinational decided on yielding the branch of the company owning, among other things, Rossana candy to develop chocolate activity, especially Baci Perugina.

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