Pasta maker Italian wheat Battle

Pasta maker Italian wheat Battle

Italian wheat battle, the paster makers respond

Too many imports, not enough national product support. On the key wheat Battle theme, the pasta makers stand firm. According to Aidepi, the Italian Sweet and Pasta Production Association, imports are not touched: “Our role as world leader in the pasta market has always put us among the countries with greatest hard pasta production. If only national wheat pasta were made, Italians would have to give up 3 in 10 pasta dishes and we’d lose primacy as world leader in pasta exportation and importation, with great damage to the sector and other departments deriving from pasta exportation, like oil, cheese and tomato.”

The pasta maker industry representatives respond to the wheat Battle maintaining national productions are insufficient and unsuited, and the price factor is not the discriminating cause. “The most prized foreign hard pasta, covering on average 30 – 40% of needs, may even reach costing 10 – 15% more than national ones, as only the best wheat available on the market allows the right “mix”, which is the secret of our pasta,” they maintain.

The wheat Battle support is though enhanced by pasta makers who only use Italian hard wheat, more and more unaware of the importance of consuming when it is produced inside the country.

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