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the numbers of Italian wine

the numbers of Italian wine

The numbers of Italian wine in 2015

The numbers of Italian wine in 2015 are provided by the Observatory of Wine, promoted by the Italian Wines Union with institutional partners (ISMEA, CREA, and others) under the aegis of the Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies.

The wine sector in Italy

• Italian Wine Farms: about 310thousand, 21% of total farms

• Occupied: 1million and 250thousand employees throughout the production chain

• Production 2015: 47milioni hl of wine (+ 12% in 2014)

• Hectares planted: 637,634 (4% of the UAA, Utilised Agricultural Area) – of which 334thousand (52%) DOCG and DOC and 156thousand (24%) in IGT

• The origin’s classification: 73 DOCG, 332 DOC and 118 IGT

• Total production value at the origin (in 2014): 3.9billion euro (1.9 DOCG and DOC – IGT 0.8 – 1.2 table wines)

• Total turnover of wineries (in 2014): 12.4 billion (9.4% of the agribusiness industry’s income and 7.2% of the agricultural revenue)

• Total Export 2015 (with variations in 2014):

– 5.4 billion euro (+ 5.4%) new record of 20.1million hectoliters (-1.8%)

– Average unit value: + 7.3%

– Wine exports: 14.7% of total Italian agribusiness exports that in 2015 amounted to 36.8billion euro (+ 7.3%).

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