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Italian Wine 2015

Italian Wine 2015

Italian Wine 2015. First place for Italy

Italian wine in 2015 dominates the classification compiled by the OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne ed du Vin). Italy is the 1st wine producer in the world, reconquering the top spot, lost just in the previous year.

Italian wine reached 48.9million hectoliters (hl) in 2015. The beautiful Italian country is back to soaring, surpassing France, that is stuck at 47.4million. A result that still does not equal the one set in 2013, when a quota of 54million was surpassed, but definitely peaked in 2014 which with a little over 44million marked the impasse of Italian made wine.

In 2015 the 3rd and 4th position in rankings went to Spain – a decrease from 38.2 to 36.6million – and the United States, stable at 22million hl.

It is interesting to note the performance of two countries protagonists of an export increase towards China. Fourth exporter in the latter, is Chile marking a leap forward of 23%, totaling to 12.8 million hl of wine produced.

By contrast, wine production in Australia remains unchanged at 12million hl (rather registering a slight drop), but it increases exponentially the volume sold in the Chinese market, as much as to undermine the French record.

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