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Italian sparkling wine exports

Italian sparkling wine exports

Italian sparkling wine exports, a golden 2015

Italian sparkling wine, a true passion. Exports are still growing – in volume and in value – with a + 15% in 2015, and rising to 30% if it includes the Prosecco, the award-winning alternative to champagne.

2015 was a record year for exports of Made in Italy products, which are worth € 5.39billion (+ 5.4% on 2014), fully confirming the forecasts issued by the Wine Observatory in recent months. Sparkling wines are the real stars of this success, with a value of € 985million (+ 17%) and a trading volume of approximately 2.8million hl (+ 15%).

Foreign demand for this Italian type of sparkling wine is led by the UK, with 46% increase in volume and 51% in value (over 270million €). Exports to the United States are good too, with a + 25% in volume and + 28% in value, for amounts of more than 190 million €. The interest for Italian bubbly is also kept alive in Scandinavian countries, where the purchase of this kind of wine is expanding to double digit figures both in Sweden and in Norway.

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