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Italian organic wine export 2015

Italian organic wine export 2015

Italian organic wine export increasing in 2015

Italian organic wine continues to conquer international market shares. 2015 export marked a growth touching on 40% with respect to 2014, for a total value of 137 billion Euro, on overall 205 billion in the national and overseas business turnover, reveals WineMonitor, Nomisma. Success demonstrating the high Italian production quality, over a third placed in Sicily.

The import countries are dominated by Germany, proving itself the first Italian organic wine purchaser, with a 38% share. Here 5.6% wine consumption is bio, a volume worth 9 billion Euro. At a clear distance from German demand, followers in Italian organic wine outlet channels are the US (15%), Switzerland (9%), Sweden, Canada and Great Britain (6%).

Export, just as in the Italian market, highlights growing attention toward bio production aiming to specific consumer targets. From biological wine export companies, 8% export wine without sulphate , 6% biodynamic wine and 13% vegan wine, the main Sector innovation, especially appreciated by youths.

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