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To Italian wine and news pertinent to its specific sector, is dedicated this area of Great Italian Food Trade. There are market news, information on events and the most interesting happenings, updates on statistics, which for years have seen Italian wine excel on all fronts. Even in terms of quantity, with the beautiful Italian country firmly holding the title of first wine producer in the world.

Permeated by an increasing attention to the global market, Italian wine is the subject of a demand that pushes exports to record levels. Therefore it further spreads the knowledge of this precious heritage – banner of the Made in Italy – the result of centuries of agricultural tradition, an unparalleled wealth of autochthonous vines (about 450), a thriving production of organic wines and a wide range of European certification (PDO –Protected Designation of origin, PGI – Protected Geographical Indication), acquired half a century ago.

An established history of ancient know how, enhanced by an ideal microclimate, and an innovative force in constant revival, as evidenced by our news.

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Italian wine news

Italian organic wine export 2015

Italian organic wine export increasing in 2015 Italian organic wine continues to conquer international market shares. 2015 export marked a growth touching on 40% with respect to 2014, for a total value of 137 billion Euro, on overall 205 billion in the national and overseas business...

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