Italian wheat Battle Granoro

Italian wheat Battle Granoro

Italian wheat battle, Granoro with farmers

In the Italian wheat Battle, Granoro sides with the farmers. “Producing quality pasta with 100% Italian wheat is possible,” reminds us the pasta maker from Corato, Apulia, who has produced a 100% Apulian pasta since 2012 with the “Dedicated” line.

Dedicated to supporting the local branch and farmers producing quality wheat and pasta at zero km, the firm stresses hard wheat production passed from around 300 tonnes to the current 8,000 in just 4 years.

The branch Agreement between Granoro and the farmers looks to provide quality hard wheat (Dedicated wheat’s protein level is on average 14% – 14.5% from 100% guaranteed Apulia origin), in the face of a price that is bound to reward farming firms, with a minimum guaranteed price enhanced by prizeworthiness (linked to two grain quality levels).

In the wheat Battle, Granoro shows a way out in a new integration model, linked to Italian quality wheat production. On their side, the institutions should favour branch product emergence in Large Distribution so the “virtue” path reaches the consumer.

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