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Attianese, in addition to the fraud on the origin of the tomato, corruption and illegal hiring

The Attianese brothers - Pasquale and Daniele Mara - co-owners of the note company canning tomato of Nocera Inferiore (Salerno) were subjected to personal precautionary measures for hiring and corruption of an ICQRF official, as well as for the fraud on the origin of the tomato, unmasked at the end of May 2021.

Attianese, the RAC blitz

The 8.3.22, the carabinieri of the RAC (Agri-food Protection Department) carried out the order of the GIP for precautionary custody under house arrest for Pasquale Attianese and the prohibition of residence for his brother Daniele Mara.

The operation derives from the investigative activities that led to the seizure of 800 tons of Egyptian tomato contaminated with pesticides and sold as Italian. A gigantic fraud referred to we had reported preview.

Corruption at the ICQRF of Salerno

The investigators they worked hard, with 'the enforcement of informed persons, the acquisition and analysis of telephone traffic records, observation services, searches, wiretapping, bank investigations'. And so they discovered the corruption of Vittorio De Rosa, head of the ICQRF (Central Inspectorate for the Protection of Quality and Fraud Repression) of Salerno.

The man it would have protected Attianese from scrutiny. 'In particular, the entrepreneurs, repeatedly since 2018, received information from the aforementioned DRV in relation to the investigative activities aimed at verifying the wholesomeness of the canning products marketed on a large scale in many foreign countries by the Spa under investigation, agreeing in consideration the recruitment for the daughter of the aforementioned - with disbursements of related economic benefits - and of the same DRV official, to be fulfilled upon his retirement'.

The trick it worked for a while, but the carabinieri bypassed it, leading to the kidnapping of 2021.

Corporal and exploitation of workers

Further offense ascertained by the RAC against the Attianese brothers, in collaboration with an employee (DM), is the illicit intermediation and exploitation of labor, better known as illegal hiring.

'With vexatious conduct, employed workers in conditions of exploitation, generating a strong fear in them in relation to their condition of vulnerability', reports the RAC.

43-hour shifts

The military they ascertained that Attianese harassed workers with starvation wages (4,35 euros / hour) and exhausting shifts, up to 43 consecutive hours.

Workers they were also subjected to surveillance with video surveillance. Even the time to go to the bathroom was monitored. 'If deemed excessive, it led to the deduction of the wages up to the cancellation of the payment for the entire working day'.

One million euros seized

In addition to precautionary measures, the seizure of 979.803,86 euros was carried out as a profit from the crime. The Salerno INPS has also raised administrative fines of over 275 thousand euros.

It remains to ask if the multiplicity of crimes contested against subjects belonging to a stable organization cannot constitute an associative crime, and above all because the company is not commissioned.

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