Gorgonzola is Going Global Fast

Gorgonzola cheese exports are soaring. According to the journal Distribuzione Moderna, from January to August 2013 exports rose by 3.75%. Germany and France are the European countries that buy the most, but it is increasingly liked in Holland, the UK, Switzerland, Spain and Poland.

The US is also an important outlet registering +3%, while Asian markets continue to awe with Indonesia (+108%), Japan (+49%) and Singapore (+427%). Israel was also noteworthy at +245%. To protect value and quality, the Gorgonzola consortium actively collaborates with Europol and Interpol to uncover cases of counterfeit cheese, sometimes complete with a fake DOP certification label.

In 2012, the producers’ organization made an official request for the registration of Gorgonzola as a geographical indication in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Nicaragua and Panama. A separate fie was prepared for certifying quality in China, where Gorgonzola exports increased by 383%.