Gluten free food

Gluten free food

Food without gluten and other “free from”: Italian passion

Italians love food without gluten, lactose and other “free from”s. In the first half of 2016 the whole “free from” food Sector invoiced nearly 2 billion Euro, marking a 5.7% increase over the same period in 2015. Mark of a constant search for food suited to a healthy diet compatible with food allergies and intolerance.

According to the Coop report, the list of food most sold in this category opens with “free from” or “light” (+1,6%, for an overall value of 1,150 billion € in all modern retail. They are followed by “lactose free” (+20,3%, 379 billion €) and “gluten free” food (+20,6%, 159 billion € invoiced) branded with the Aic association’s barred ear, and specifically dedicated to celiac, but increasingly searched by consumers with no such diagnosis but convinced avoiding gluten is beneficial.

“Ogm free” and other “free from” food is also good: with sales at 247 billion Euro they mark a 0.3% increase. Only the “saltless” are slightly curving (-2.8%) though they represent a 61 billion Euro sale slice.

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