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Genoa, via the Parco del Basilico dei Piccoli

At the ancient port of Genoa on 3.6.22 opens the Park of the basil of the little ones. An initiative to encourage sociality in children, even fragile ones.

The initiative was born from the collaboration between Pesto for Love and the Il Porto dei Piccoli Association.

Park of the basil of the little ones

In Calata Salumi in the Old Port of Genoa, in front of the pirate galleon, children are welcomed in an area reserved for them to learn the art of pesto.

Next to the caravan vintage of 'Pesto per Amore' there are small greenhouses for the cultivation of basil and stalls to work with pesto and mortar in the preparation of the famous Genoese sauce.

The inauguration

In the day inaugural, at 16 pm, the project is presented (see video) by Paolo Corvo, director of the Sociology Laboratory of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, Gloria Camurati Leonardi, general director of the Il Porto dei Piccoli association and Paolo Silvestri, owner of Pesto per Amore, authentic brand which preserves the Genoese tradition.

Follow a tasting and the opening of the laboratory for children.

'We thought to put our love for Pesto at the service of Liguria and our little ones, so that children can learn by “pounding” the origins of an ancient recipe in our mortars. 

Making the pesto, teach children the secret of the mortar, the beauty of the gesture, ancient, slow, repetitive, it is very educational'explains Silvestri.

At the Parco del Basilico dei Piccoli the Smart Chair, the sustainable micro-mobility project aimed at people with motor disabilities, conceived by Égalité onlus.

Smart Chair

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