Export of Italian pig meat

Export of Italian pig meat

Export of Italian pig meat to China: ban revoked

Italian pig meat export to China restarts. Thanks to the agreement reached between the two countries, the embargo Peking decided on in 1999 ends, following spread of infective disease in swine breeding in South Italy, where 80% of national products are obtained.

China is an outstanding market for pig meat: it consumes nearly half world production (48% of European export) and in the first half of 2016 registered demand growth by over a million tonnes, twice that in 2015, for a value of €1.7 billion.

“China opening to our pig meat, fat and offal exports, though limited to just the North Macroregion, means a great opportunity, and could even in the first phase generate an export turnover equal to €50 million, letting our Country recuperate important positions with respect to principal European competitors”, comments Assica.

The new made in Italy burst in China is enhanced by agreements on olive oil and citrus and the project “10+10”, concluding the recording of 10 geographical Chinese Indications in Europe and the same European number in China, including Grana Padano cheese and Parma ham.

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