Export EU 2015

Export EU 2015

Export, EU still world leader in 2015

Farming product EU exports in 2015 reached 129 billion euro, registering annual growth of 5,7%. The data confirms the EU as the world’s first exporter after undermining the USA in 2013.

Europe’s farm product exporting registered a positive performance thanks to destination diversification too. As well as finding new outlet markets, already existing partner relations were reinforced. Around half all export income is actually due to increase in business exchange with the Chinese market.

The first 5 farming export destinations of the 28 EU member states are the USA, China, Switzerland, Russia and Japan. The 2015 flows were also favoured by some measures, like removing various health and phytosanitary barriers and multiplying opportunities for incentive exchange on agreements for EU quality product geographical indication, like Marocco among others.

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