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Bio Revolution 2022. Biology caught between war and inflation

The Italian organic takes the blows of the crisis. After the great growth in the two-year pandemic 2020-2021, domestic consumption is holding back. On the other hand, those in the catering sector are growing again and theexport.

The scenario emerges from extracted data Nomisma presented at Bio Revolution 2022, at SANA, the International Biological and Natural Exhibition of BolognaFiere.

Bio Revolution 2022, Nomisma data

The internal market of organic in 2022 (year ending in July) reflects the combined effects of inflation (+10,4 in August) and the easing of restrictions dictated by the pandemic:

- 89% of Italian families have purchased organic at least once, in line with the 2021 figure. However, domestic consumption drops by 0,8%,

- more than 6 out of 10 Italians consumed organic products outside the home, in bars, restaurants, pizzerias etc. Here there is an increase in organic consumption of + 53%, compared to 2021, for a value of one billion euros. Thanks to the recovered sociability and the offer of organic food in collective catering (+ 20%) and in commercial catering (+ 79%).

Overall this is sales of € 5 billion, 3,5% of global organic retail sales.

Where organic is purchased

Le performance of sales channels in 2022 compared to 2021 confirm one trend already observed:

  • specialized shops -8%,
  • modern distribution + 0,8%,
  • other channels + 5%. This includes direct sales in markets and companies, GAS solidarity buying groups, as well as pharmacies, parapharmacies and herbalists.

The primacy of modern distribution

Modern distribution remains the first reference channel for organic purchases. It represents 57% of total sales for domestic consumption. In 2022, sales are worth 2,3 billion euros.

In this compound,

- hypermarkets and supermarkets convey the majority of organic sales: 1,4 billion euros in July 2022, down compared to last year (-2,0%),

- i discount, second in size, recorded organic sales of 272 million euros, + 14%,

- superette + minimarket, with sales of 159 million euros, lost -4,6%,

- the Drug Specialists (or Casa & Persona Specialists) recorded + 5,7% in sales, while remaining a small portion of modern distribution.

Well finally theecommerce. With + 5% sales in 2022 for 78 million euros.

What Italians buy

The categories of best-selling product in modern distribution are

  • grocery store (pasta, baked goods, preserves, sauces), which is worth 57% of total value sales,
  • fresh (cheeses, cured meats, yogurt, eggs), 20%,
  • fruit and vegetables, 13%.

Foods the best sellers are, as in 2021, eggs, fruit-based jams and spreads, milk replacement drinks.

The trend of sales more lively notes for pet care and organic meats: + 19% and + 15%.

THEexport swarming

If domestic consumption are still at a lower level than in neighboring countries, theexport continues to grow, ranking Italy first in terms of export value.

in 2022, exports reached 3,4 billion euros, with an increase of + 16% compared to the previous year, up to 3,4 billion euros in sales on international markets.

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