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Gorillas, 5 private label lines for the quick commerce app. Criticality in Italy

The Gorillas quick commerce app grows in Europe - where it launches 5 lines of its own brand products, cd private-label - but it faces critical issues, even in Italy, which lead to 300 layoffs.

Gorillas, off to the private-label

the 9.6.22 the Gorillas app debuts in Germany, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands with four of its own food brands. 50 products in 11 product categories, pasta, buffalo mozzarella from Campania Dop, cold cuts, dairy products, pesto, snacks, .. (1)

Le private-label there are four:

- Gorillas daily, for everyday shopping,

Premium gorillas, for specialties,

- Hot damn, coffee bar,

start-up beer, a line of beers in principle composed of two artisanal products.

Brand products Gorillas are proposed as consistent with Policy transparency and sustainability companies. Too bad that this propensity manifests itself in the use of renewable energy and recycled packaging, but not also in the selection of organic food.

Relaunch and layoffs

The initiative it is part of the relaunch plan, announced by Gorillas with a press release of 24.5.22, on the 5 markets that account for 90% of revenues. Germany, France, Great Britain, Holland - where the project meets strong resistance, as we have seen - and the United States.

'We will work even more on our assortment, our prices, our ordering experience and our logistics to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience. At the same time, we will continue to develop the Gorillas brand and position it as a market leader, to further build a bold, authentic and value-oriented brand. '.

Plan however, it also includes 300 layoffs. Work remains the first expendable factor even in 4.0 apps. The co-founder and CEO of the company, Kagan Sumer, illustrated the contingency that dictated the downsizing. And addressed to his former employees he concluded

'I know you might get frustrated above all else. This same frustration led me to build Gorillas after being shot too. I encourage you to be frustrated. To me, to the markets, to the company. And then channel that frustration to create your new legacy'. (2)

Away from Italy? Meanwhile, the surcharge

Of the other countries in which it operates - Italy (31.5.21), Spain, Denmark and Belgium - the company talks about 'very attractive markets in their own right, we are evaluating all possible strategic options for the Gorillas brand'.

An 'option' already applied in Italy is the introduction of a ssurcharge of 2,10 euros for orders of less than 10 euros, in addition to fixed delivery costs of 1,80 euros. With a one euro tip to the bellboy, you get to 5 euros. A little too much to still believe that Gorillas is the app that delivers that missing ingredient to you in 10 minutes while you're cooking. Too much at least for the exhausted Italian pockets.


(1) Press release. Gorillas enters the private label market. 7.6.22 https://gorillas.io/en/blog/gorillas-enters-the-private-label-market

(2) Press release. A Message from Co-Founder and CEO Kagan Sumer. 24.5.22 https://gorillas.io/en/blog/a-message-from-co-founder-and-ceo-kagan-sumer

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