Limoncello Liquor, Italian Refreshment

Limoncello is among the most loved varieties of Italian liquor. This is true to the point that Limoncello liquor has undergone and continues to see innumerable attempts at imitation. It could be because the ingredients in Limoncello are so simple: lemon, alcohol, water and sugar. However, essential elements like availability and choice of prime materials, in addition to the ability to mix them to achieve the right balance of flavor make Italian Limoncello one of a kind.

The history of Limocello began in the region of Campania in the three towns of Amalfi, Capri and Sorrento, close in terms of distance, but with strong identities concerning the invention of this lemon liqueur. The use of the local Sfusato Amalfitano lemon,  as well as IGP lemons from the Sorrentine Peninsula, is as authentic as it gets. The more delicate enriched Crema di Limoncello liquor, an Italian cream, is also very popular.

Robust, fragrant and sweet at the same time, Limoncello liquor is frequently used in the kitchen in desserts to add a touch of originality to the classic Neapolitan Babà and other cakes or sweets. That said, few things can match a cold Limoncello after lunch on a warm afternoon.

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