Grappa, Liquor with Character

Grappa is one of the finest breeds of Italian liquor. It is a trove of flavor that puts the right finishing touch on a good meal. It is currently a golden age of discovery for Grappa liquor, especially on the international market where a growing number of connoisseurs is showing appreciation for the traditional methods, DOC wines and high level of craftsmanship that Italian Grappa offers.

Grappa liquor is a pure elixir obtained by the vinaccia, a term referring to what’s left of the grapes after wine is produced. Though the origins of Grappa are undoubtedly in the northern regions of Veneto, Fruili and Piemonte, it has spread to all of Italy’s primary winemaking areas, in which local traditions have accompanied large-scale production.

The grape varietals used, along with different refinement techniques, make the enjoyment of Italian Grappa liquor like participating in a microcosm that expresses mood and traces subtle accents. Young Grappa is clear, maintaining the taste of the unaltered distilled material, while when aged it takes on the hue and notes of oak casks. Other types range from the aromatic to the infused. Whichever you choose, drink responsibly, and use the correct tulip-shaped glass!

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