Italian Brandy, A Liquor Sensation

Italian brandy is an able contender among its peers for this oldest and most famous Italian liquor distilled using grapes. There is a wide range of superb brandy originating in every corner of the country, with particular hot spots in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. The care taken in each stage of production has allowed for the consolidation of smaller producers whose labels are worthy international respect.

After the 1948 agreement between the governments of Italy and France (which reserved the names Cognac and Armagnac for French brandies), the name Italian brandy for this liquor was employed solely for bottles made utilizing grapes harvested and processed on national territory with aging for no less than 12 months, and an alcohol content above 38%.

Another two characteristics make Italian brandy a liquor unbelievably unique. To distinguish it from grappa, it can only be produced employing grapes without stems and skins, as occurs in Australia and South Africa. Artisan distilleries also use the discontinuous distillation method, a painstaking process allowing them to reach global levels of excellence.

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