Amaretto, An Italian Liqueur

Amaretto is an Italian liquor commonly consumed as a digestivo, or after dinner drink, for which an entire novel would not suffice. Its origins are in the city of Saranno in the northern region of Lombardy, where it has been on tables since the 1500s. Amaretto liqueur is easy to prepare, a specialty often made at home, but it is the superior quality of ingredients that ensures authentic taste.

Amaretto stems from the balanced flavor of bitter almonds and apricot or apple seeds, depending on the recipe. The first mention of Amaretto goes back to the painter Bernardino Luini. Charged with completing an Adoration of the Magi, he was inspired to portray Mary in the likeness of an owner of a local osteria who wanting to thank him, offered a cup of Amaretto Italian liqueur to his delight.

Amaretto is ideal to finish a meal, with dessert or on its own for meditation. Rich, in that it carries the vitamin B12 and antioxidants naturally present in the almond and seed components. It has spread across the globe, and is used by contemporary bartenders with a squeeze of lemon juice to make the ‘Amaretto sour’ cocktail… a liquor for any occasion!

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