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The Bread of Lentini

'The Bread of Lentini. Journey through tradition, symbolism and sacredness'is the new ebook published by Great Italian Food Trade.

Myths and legends, traditions and folklore, memories and sacred rites. The beauty of bread, in the Lentinese tradition, is painted with passion by Renzo Pierpaolo Turco, food technologist and food blogger.

In the book 'The Bread of Lentini', the author pours out the historical memory of his country, from customs to preparation techniques. Where mother yeast and stone ovens, fueled with olive wood and orange, are just a few pieces of the delightful mosaic.

'The concept of "beauty of bread", and more generally of the golden ears from which it derives, is deeply rooted in all cultures and finds remote origins not only in history but also in a multitude of fascinating legends linked to the most ancient peoples '. (Renzo Pierpaolo Turco)

The legends of Lentini - in Sicily, near Syracuse - they help to understand the meaning of ancient uses which are remembered in Italy, as in France. This explains the habit of engraving bread with a cross, before putting it in the oven. Why break the loaf without using the knife. Because the food must be kissed in some cases and must not be exposed 'upside down'.

The waste of this food imbued with sacredness can not be admitted. The leftovers of the previous days should rather be dedicated to other preparations, of which some traditional recipes are offered.

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For those who want a hard copy, the cost will be € 5 + € 1,90 shipping. The request must be sent to greatitalianfoodtrade@gmail.com.

The Bread of Lentini

Journey through tradition, symbolism and sacredness

 49 pages

Copyright GIFT - Great Italian Food Trade

October 2018



Renzo Pierpaolo Turco

Doctor in Food Science and Technology, Specialized in Safety and Quality Management in Agri-food supply chains, Secretary of the disciplinary council of the Order of Food Technologists of Sicily and Sardinia, Food blogger.





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