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Food Almanac of Puglia, a guide to divine eating

Those who have been lucky enough to eat in Puglia remember the genuine goodness of those simple and precious foods. To tell them and indicate where to buy them he provides'Food Almanac of Puglia. Tastes, flavors, varieties', published by Progedit. (1)

Food Almanac of Puglia,

The authors Almanacco food di Puglia have worked hard.

'We have plumbed every remote corner of our land, to give face and substance to the protagonists of everyday food: farmers, breeders and fishermen, flavors, smells, colors, memories. 

We have narrated tales of land and sea. We have written the stories of the productions, generating an almanac that compensates present and future generations, so that they do not get lost, while trying to inform those who will come about all the truths that turn on the tables of Puglia'.

Knowledge in direct contact

The information disclosed by the authors - both Apulian DOC, ça va sans dire - they are authentic, lived.

Michele Polignieri he is a veterinary medical director at the ASL of Bari, with a master's degree in Food Culture at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, a member of the panel on extra virgin olive oil at the Bari Chamber of Commerce and a lively gastronomic critic. As well as appreciated author on GIFT. (2)

Nicholas Curci, a journalist passionate about archeology and the history of the territory, he is a director of Slow Food in Puglia.

Dove comprare

The narration of the origins of the Apulian delicacies leads to the concrete with the indication of the 'addresses for the shopping bag'.

'It could not be done without after having indicated the prerequisites that consumers should pursue in order to have access to a consumption of water, sea and land, shared stocks in a sustainable way', explain the authors, who offer the reader a useful address book to reach the best Apulian producers.

Niki Vendola's advice for reading

The politician Apulian Nichi Vendola explains in the preface to the book

'There are many reasons to recommend reading this Puglia Food Almanac. (...) 'a quick and brilliant overview of a food chain famous for its healthiness, which was born first of all in our Tavoliere which was and is an immense granary, which develops in the richness of the vegetable gardens and orchards, which with animal breeding and fish brings to the table fresh products such as milk, such as mozzarella from Gioia del Colle or balloon from Gravina di Puglia, which with the magic of its transformations makes tripe or sausage delicacies that are difficult to describe and makes fish the hero of sumptuous simplicity'.


(1) Nicola Curci, Michele Polignieri. Food Almanac of Puglia
Tastes, flavors, varieties. Foreword by Nichi Vendola Series: Lunari
Year of publication: 2021 Number of pages: 264 ISBN 978-88-6194-559-3 25,00 €.

(2) V. Dario Dongo and Michele Polignieri. Gioia del Colle, in name and in fact. Authentic DOP mozzarella. GIFT (Great Italian Food Trade), 22.12.20

Dario Dongo and Michele Polignieri. Mozzarella, that's why be wary of citric acid. GIFT (Great Italian Food Trade) 6.11.20

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