Lupins, excellent properties, an ancient variety of legumes

Lupini, food from property extraordinary, variety of legumes cultivated as early as 4000 years ago, of historical use in Southern Italy, as described in "The Malavoglia " by Giovanni Verga (1840 - 1922), now re-evaluated thanks to its specific unique characteristics. The Italian tradition has not handed down many lupine recipes and yet their rediscovery is expected, at the heart of the Mediterranean diet.

The study on lupins and related properties has highlighted their ability to reduce blood pressure, improve intestinal transit, protect vessels from the formation of atherosclerotic plaques (prelude to heart attacks and strokes). The proteins contained in lupins (16,4 g per 100 g) increase the expression of LDL receptors, thus lowering the levels of "bad cholesterol" in the blood. Finally, a diet rich in lupins maintains a correct relationship between the demand for food and the sense of hunger.

They grow spontaneously along the coasts of the Mediterranean. Although their consumption is nowadays crushed by the soy market, it is necessary to re-evaluate them, recovering the recipes based on lupine flour and those which, in combination with pasta, guarantee a unique nutritional supply in a single complete meal.

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