Pulses Properties

Pulses Properties

Pulses, Health Properties

Pulses, unequalled properties. Tasty, barely noted pulses have outstandingly beneficial properties so they should enjoy a place of honor at table. Rich in protein (double that of grain, triple rice), micronutrients, amino acids and Group B Vitamins, they’re essential elements in a healthy diet, just as FAO, proclaiming 2016 year of pulses, reminds us.

A very useful property in this food is also its inclusion of soluble fibre (generally not absorbed), which fills ohelps “transport” toxin and cholesterol out of the organism, fighting to keep at bay the cholesterol level and risks to heart health.

With very little fat, 100 grams of dry pulses supply 260-360 kcal, and bring complex carbohydrates, ensuring a “slow release” energy stock, while the significant iron content makes it easier for oxygen to enter the body and creates folates, calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium. To optimize the precious nutritional properties it is good to proceed with softening the pulses (4-8 hours) in a water and bicarbonate of soda solution.

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