Lupins, excellent properties, a variety of ancient pulses

Lupins, fed by extraordinary properties, a pulse variety grown as long ago as 4000 years, their historic importance in Italy described in “I Malavoglia” by Giovanni Verga (1840 – 1922), are now reevaluated thanks to their unique features. Italian tradition has not handed down many lupin recipes but its rediscovery is imminent, at the heart of the Mediterranean diet

Studying lupins and their properties has highlighted their ability to reduce blood pressure, improve intestine transport, protect vessels from forming atheroscelerosis plaque (prelude to heart Attacks and trokes). The protein contained in lupins (16.4 per 100 g) helps express LDL receptors, lowering “bad cholesterol” in the blood. Finally, a lupin-rich diet keeps a good food request – hunger relationship.

They grow spontaneously along the Mediterranean. As their consumption is nowadays quashed by the soy market, they must be reevaluated, recuperating recipes based on lupin flour and guaranteeing when combined with pasta one nutritional value in a single meal.

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