Italian Chickpeas

Italian Chickpea Soup

Italian Chickpea Soup

Italian chickpea soup with pasta

Italian chickpea soup has an amazing capacity to meet our body’s nutritional needs. Italian chickpea recipes are rich in carbohydrates, proteins and the legumes are so readily available and inexpensive that there is literally no excuse. They contain a whopping concentration of Omega 3, folate (good for lowering homocysteine and combatting risk of heart attack), not to mention vitamins.

Cooking Italian chickpeas begins with the soaking phase, or ammollo, during which they lose unwanted substances and build vitamin C and B. As a soup with pasta they are optimal for reducing bad cholesterol and the probability of developing hypertension.

The habit of eating them in soup with pasta is mainly found in the southern part of the Italian peninsula, but there is a long tradition in Liguria, where an Italian chickpea flour is utilized for a local type of pancake and polenta, delectable dishes of unmistakable authenticity. With pasta they are cooked “alla romana“, “napoletana” and “toscana“, in homage to their regions of origin, and are ideal for autumn meals.

Eager additions to these recipes are pancetta (bacon) and tomatoes. The most crucial step is choosing traditional Italian varieties like Merella, originating in the Murgia Carsica area, and the red Gravina varietal from Puglia.

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