Legumes, recipes for health

Legumes are much appreciated by Italians, representing a fundamental food to the Mediterranean diet for time immemorial. The different types of legumes are rich in proteins and iron, especially if combined with carbohydrates. Fanciful recipes with legumes have been concocted for each variety, handed down by tradition and country cuisine, able exalt the authentic aromas of a bygone era with incredibly simple ingredients.

Lentils, Cannellini and Borlotti beans, chickpeas, green peas or the Fava bean are all legumes used for daily cooking. In reality they are seeds of plants belonging to the Leguminosae family, edible both fresh or dried (after soaking in water).

Energy providers like few other foods, if put with cereals legumes pack in more protein than meat. Isn’t that a good reason to eat dishes with a healthy portion of this superfood? An array preparation techniques and creativity in the kitchen make recipes with legumes suitable for any occasion. Warm up autumn and winter tables with a lentil soup, or a smooth puree.

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