Homedairy productfior di latte mozzarella

fior di latte mozzarella

Italian mozzarella Fior di latte, supreme goodness

Mozzarella Fior di latte: Queen Italian company of white cheeses and protagonist of many recipes. There is no doubt about the origin of its name: it derives from the verb “mozzare” which describes the moment in which the cheesemaker divides the spun curd by hand “cutting it” into smaller parts. The term is mentioned for the first time in a cookbook in 1570, by a cook who was part of the papal court. In 1996, on the proposal of the Basilicata Region, it was recognized as a traditional specialty guaranteed (TSG).

The production takes place in different phases: the milk is pasteurized and made to coagulate with the addition of rennet. Reduced into fragments, the preparation is left to mature on a table for about 30 minutes and set to acidify. Acidification is very important, because it will give the Mozzarella its characteristics. At this point we move on to the so-called 'spinning': the curd is cut into thin slices and placed in a container where, by adding boiling water, it is melted. Finally subjected to the 'mozzatura', it is immersed in a solution of water, salt and acid whey.

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