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UHT milk, heating and hermetic closure

The particularity of UHT milk is largely explained by the English acronym UHT, which means Ultra-High-Temperature. It is a sterilization treatment that consists in bringing the milk to a temperature between 135 and 150 ° for a time between one and five seconds, thanks to a jet of water vapor. According to the techniques used, the steam may or may not come into direct contact with the milk.

The process doesn't stop with overheating. The packaging phases are also essential to good quality and product sealing for long periods, which must be carried out in aseptic conditions, in in-line sterilized containers and hermetically sealed once filled.

This sterilization process and the hermetic closure of the package allow the UHT milk to be kept for 3-6 months at room temperature. From a nutritional point of view, UHT milk has a slightly lower percentage of thermolabile vitamins than fresh milk.


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