Milk origin

Milk origin

Milk origin on the label, compulsory indication

The origin of milk sold as such or used as an ingredient in milk – dairy products must be shown on the label. This is the regulation of an inter ministry decree awaiting approval.

The new thing concerns elements created in Italy and allows knowing the origin, i.e. where milk used in cheese and dairy produce, yogurt, butter, spreads, buttermilk, creams, milk serum and rennet comes from.

The origin of milk (cow, bufala, sheep – goat, ass and “other animal origin”) is reported on the label, doubly mentioning the milking and conditioning or transforming Country. If this means different countries, you can use “mix of EU (or non-EU) Countries” or “milk conditioned or transformed in EU (or non-EU) Countries. If the prime and transformation places coincide, the “origin” followed by the Country name may be used.
The regulation excludes DOP, IGP, STG marked and organic food, which are at least in part subject to necessary prime material origin data.

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