A Protected Label

The IGP – Indicazione Geografica Protetta and STG – Specialità Tradizionali Garantite labels provide guarantees to the consumer, as well as protecting the producers of these products.
The first label is reserved for the names of food products when they depend on the production areas. Beyond the name, however, the link to the territory of origin is not as present. Not all of the characteristics of cheese, for example, are connected to its place of origin. The production of milk, or some of the stages involved, may also occur outside the area which has given its name to the product. Also in this case, the object of protection is the name, not the product or its phases of production. However, this guarantee is still valid.
The same is true for the second, for which each product’s uniqueness – and therefore its access to the bodies which confer guaranteed certifications – is fruit of the same process, and is registered with the European Commission. Only products created in complete respect of traditional recipes have the right to the STG certification, and the logo that is attributed to it.