Types of Jam

Types of Jam

Types of Jam, the Great Italian History

Italy produces several types of jam, each italian Region is specialized in conserving and processing its local fruits (strawberry, apricot and more) farmed following a strict rule of low agrochemicals use.

The 2001/113/CE EU directive establish that in order to realize this specialty is possible to use any variety of fruit, except citrus, of which the final product is called “marmalade”.
In his essay Pellegrino Artusi prefered to avoid these two terms, using “different types of jam”. The first types realized with modern techniques are traced back to the XVIII century french pastry cook Nicolas Appert, but italian legends quotes also Maria de’ Medici and Catherine of Aragon.

The excellence, outlined by an harmonious and never too strong aroma lavish itself in peculiar types of traditional and certified food products, like the “cotognata” of  Abruzzo (made from a particular kind of apple, Cotogna), or regional specialities based on the chestnut of Lazio, the redberry of Bolzano, the rosehip of Marche.

Italians love strawberry jam, spreaded on Tuscanian bread or combined with cheese.

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