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Plum jam, authenticity in many types

La plum jam it contains in its intense taste the voice of the countryside, types of life now forgotten, marked by an Italian tradition that has almost disappeared, in which the products of the garden and of the current season were the protagonists on the table.

For this reason it is easily possible to trace plum jams as a component of ancient sweets, handed down from past generations to future ones, just think of the Bolognese raviole, elegant caskets that contain a pure heart of plum preserve sometimes associated with Bolognese mustard.

For this fruit there are many corresponding types of jam, whose more acidic or sweet character depends exclusively on the production habitat. Zucchini plums, for example, saved from a certain extinction, are so sweet that they do not require the addition of sugar in the composition of the jam. This product mainly characterizes Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, but it is produced throughout the Italian territory and also used by younger chefs for innovative combinations. Try it in combination with cheeses with a strong flavor, starting from Taleggio to get to Fontina and Pecorino, perhaps following the region of origin.

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