Plum Jam

Plum Jam

Plum jam, authentic types of flavours

The intense flavour of plum jam, more than most other types of jam, embodies the call of the Italian countryside, of lifestyles now forgotten, marked by a disappearing tradition, in which the main staples on the table were gathered in the garden, and changed with the passing seasons, such as Italian jam.

For this reason, out of the various types of jam, a wide range of traditional cakes have plum as the essential ingredient, in recipes passed down through the generations, such as Raviole Bolognesi, elegant pockets of pastry enclosing a heart of pure plum jam, and the Cremona speciality, mostarda.

There are a great variety of jams associated with the plum, whose variation in sweetness or acidity mainly depends on the area of cultivation. The zuchella plum, for example, once close to extinction, is so sweet that when making the product there is no need to add any sugar. Plum preserves are typical of the Emilia Romagna and Tuscany regions, yet they are made throughout the whole Italian peninsular, being used by upcoming chefs in innovative combinations. Plum conserve especially matches strong-flavoured cheeses, such as Taleggio, Fontina and Pecorino, preferably from the same place of production as the plum jam.


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