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Peach jam, colors, types, combinations

La peach jam it is particularly linked to the regions of central and southern Italy. There are two different types of peach jam, made with white or yellow fruits, with a slightly different taste. Its presence characterizes the pantry of any Italian family, being one of the favorite jams for breakfast, spread on toast, or in the making of desserts.

It is usually prepared in the summer, when the peaches reach excellent ripeness, which allows to use very little sugar compared to other types of preserves. The case of the Leonforte peach preserve (Slow Food presidium, also called "late" or "September“), In which fruit can represent as much as 80% of the total weight of the ingredients. Its preparation is ancient in the peninsula, just think that it has always been produced also in monasteries, for example that of Vitorchiano, and hermitages.

Its natural sweetness is often combined with soft cheeses, such as fresh goats, or ricotta and raveggiolo. If you want to create a less rounded and decidedly more full-bodied encounter, we can serve this Italian jam alongside a blue cheese and Umbrian salami.

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