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Peach jam is particularly asssociated with the central and southern regions of Italy. There are two different types of peach jam, with either white or yellow peaches, and with a slight difference in taste. It can be found in every Italian cupboard, as it is a family favourite spread on toast at breakfast, or used for baking cakes.

It is usually made during the summer, when the peach is fully ripened, that means less sugar is needed compared to other types of jams. An excellent example is that produced with the Leonforte peach (designated Slow Food and also known as “late"Or"settembrina” because of the late ripening of the peach), in which a good 80% of the total weight of the ingredients is fruit. The preparation of peach jam has a long history in the country; indeed it has always been prepared in monasteries, for instance at Vitorchiano, and in hermitages.

Its natural sweetness is often paired with soft cheeses, such as fresh goat cheese, ricotta or raveggiolo. For a richer, fuller flavour this Italian jam can be served with blue-cheese and Umbrian cold cuts.


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