Blueberry Jam

Blueberry Jam

Blueberry Jam, The Antioxidant Italian Treasure

Blueberry jam, among all the types, is one of the finest.

It fully express the relationship between italian culture and territory, describing with its intense and balanced taste the fresh air of the Alpi and Appennini mountains, the natural and unspoilt landscape, the generosity of its undergrowth.

The blueberry is a fruit know since ancient times, celebrated during the Middle Ages; in that period its peculiar virtues begun to emerge, verified by studies on its high contents in A, C, B vitamins, organic acids and anthocyanins.

Today, monasteries and few companies detain the task and the art of a full byologic and additives-free production.

Blueberry jam is an excellent ingredient for different sweets (just think about cheesecakes and buckwheat or shortcrust based tarts) matching perfectly its delicacy with any kind of cheese, soft or hard, like the Puzzone of Moena or the Bitto (two IGT of Lombardia and Trentino regions).
The classic and genuine flavour of this jam, combined with brie or raw milk, enrich its sweetness.

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