Apricot jam

Apricot jam

Apricot jam, desserts, pairings, kinds

Apricot jam, with its golden colour, is probably the most commonly used in cake-making all over Italy, as an esteemed ingredient in many types of cake, from classic Italian pastries, where it often enhances short pastry (an example is the “occhio di bue” biscuits), to traditional regional recipes.

The apricot tree has been widespread throughout the country since ancient times, and numerous distinctive varieties exist today, such as the Valleggia, grown in Liguria around Savona. It is no surprise then that apricot jam is present in Trentino in the North as a delicious filling in strudel, just as it is in the cooking of the South. It also features in the banquet of the ball described by Tomasi di Lampedusa (1896-1957) in his famous novel “The Leopard“, in the “Trionfo di Gola“, a dessert with almond paste and apricot conserve.

The intense sweetness of apricot jam is mainly paired with strongly-flavoured mature or blue cheeses, creating a rounded blend of flavours on the palate. Sardinian or Tuscan pecorino, Fossa cheese, and even Gorgonzola, are only some of the types of products that make for the perfect combination.

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