Jam with Italian Fruit

Italian jam is the simply delicious product of the art of conserving fruit, and the raw ingredients in Italy are perhaps the most envied in the world. GIFT offers all of the best brands to consumers who are looking to savor superb fruit jam. Italian jam boasts careful selection of ripe fruit, together with crafting according to traditional homestyle recipes using state of the art technology. The result is a bounty that is hard to duplicate, whatever the final use may be.

What makes Italian jam so special is that the produce used has no pesticide residues and other harmful substances, making it ideal for inclusion in the diets of children, maybe with some Italian yogurt to accent all the more the genuineness of a breakfast or snack. These sweet and wholesome flavors are as old as time itself.

marmellata arance

Apricot jam

Apricot jam, desserts, pairings, kinds Apricot jam, with its golden colour, is probably the most commonly used in cake-making all over Italy, as an esteemed ingredient in many types of cake, from classic Italian pastries, where it often enhances short pastry (an example is the...

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