Italy Staking Its Claim

Italian olive oil exports are increasing to Russia and China. The trend was highlighted in data released during a seminar dedicated to the international olive oil market that Unaprol held in Moscow in connection with Vinitaly Russia.

Italy is the number two exporter to Russia with about 4,500t in 2012. Momentum is increasing with Italian products showing a 15% increase on 2011, and holding 23% of the market. Russian authorities regard Italy’s extra virgin oil highly, especially because it is healthy, so much so that the Ministry of Health recommends its consumption. It is even sold in many pharmacies.

In China, olive oil is revealing itself as a novelty that is attracting a lot of attention from a wide cross section of the population due to its nutritional characteristics. In the first half of 2013, Italian exports to the People’s Republic grew by 7% compared to the previous year. 4,000t worth of the product make Italy China’s second supplier after Spain, with a market share of 24% in quantity, 23% in value.