Italian Wine, Red and Beyond

Italian wine is for anyone who is passionate about and loves to indulge in true excellence. Enriching your palate with types of Italian wine, as well as understanding the masterful hands, processes, and tradition that they stem from is an experience like no other. Wine is more than a beverage, it is an expression of human passion and expertise.

Since the beginning, it has been synonymous with high quality, unique taste and inimitable flavor. Both traditional and new varieties of red, white, rosé and sparkling masterpieces are meeting with continuing appreciation at the international level, together with vini autoctoni that are productions exclusive to the peninsula and islands. GIFT provides an open door to encounter top producers, and provide the necessary channels for selling and moving in dozens of markets.

Italian wines deserve a preferential path to the market trends present around the globe, with the guarantee of boasting their authenticity through a trustworthy instrument, playing an important role in global competition with the best opportunities for success.

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Italian Red Wine

Dolcetto Wine

Dolcetto wine, an authentic italian experience Dolcetto wine is made with one of the most widespread local dark grape varieties used in Italian red...

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Italian Red Wine


Lambrusco, an eclectic red wine Lambrusco is a legendary red wine  from Emilia-Romagna, fairly well-known abroad. Particularly in the USA, for a long...

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Italian Red Wine

Brindisi Wine

Brindisi Wine, Taste of the Italian South Brindisi wine began to spread throughout Italy when the ancient Greeks colonized much of the southern part...

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Italian Red Wine

Cirò Wine

Cirò Wine, The Result of Italian Mastery Cirò wine is undoubtedly the most widely known Italian red wine from Calabria, gaining admirers in Italy and...