Italian wine

Sardinia, more Contenent than island


The finest varieties of Sardinian wine are Vermentino, Vernaccia, Cannonau, Bovale, Carignano Malvasia, Monica, Nasco, and Torbato, but the list goes on. The island’s sunny, dry climate, unique soil composition, and numerous microclimates have worked to enhance winemaking here for well over 2,000 years. Some studies have confirmed Cannonau as one of the oldest wines in the Mediterranean. The art of wine production is still a primary agricultural pursuit on the island today.

Sardinian wine also benefits from the Italian motto “il vino si fa in vigna”, or “wine is made on the vine”. The astounding variety of grapes cultivated (many closer to their French or Spanish cousins than the mainland traditions) make the island one of the most equipped areas of the country to follow through with this philosophy. More than 50 types of Sardinian wine have registered DOC, DOCG and IGT geographical indications, making output continental in scope.

The wines of Sardinia are suited to accompany any meal, from intense reds like Carignano to the sweeter Vernaccia nobile, as well as whites from Gallura and beyond. Much of Sardinia’s exceptional wine is still little known outside its boundaries, so the real question is what great Sardinian wines still need to be discovered?