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Spritz, prosecco main player

Does anyone not know SpritzProsecco, bitter red, soda, ice and orange peel with trimmings. Spritz, a mix of ingredients that made Italian wine experts and occasional consumers from abroad too fall in love, bringing Prosecco Valdobbiadene to the honour of news. Thus Spritz passes borders and invades Paris local papers, displacing Kyr, and launching Prosecco, Italian bubbles.

The Veneto aperitif conquers the French capital by virtue of its reliability and ability to tickle everyone’s palate, accompanying a toast among friends or a work reception: Spritz is a cocktail for any situation. That’s why Spritz fever struck the world, pushing Prosecco consumption ever higher to the stars, till it surpassed champagne in England (not least thanks to its more reasonable price) and internationally, in 2013, on sales volumes: 307 against 304 million bottles sold for the excellent Italian bubbly. This wine saw its consumption in France itself rise by 118% just in 2014.

Spritz and prosecco, a radiant future for a Made in Italy drink.

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