Italian White Wine

Sauvignon from Friuli, truely unique character

Sauvignon from Friuli, truely unique character

Sauvignon from Friuli is one of the most elegant Italian white wines, and is among the most famous and enjoyed at the international level. It is made from the Sauvignon vine variety that, even if well distributed throughout the world’s winemaking countries, has been produced in its elected home of Friuli since the 1800s. In this region of Italy, careful selection, cultivation procedures and wine producing traditions have combined to exalt the unique characteristics of this remarkable Sauvignon.

Timing the harvest is crucial in Friuli, taking place in a series of stages to reach a perfect balance in the different maturity levels of the grape clusters. Production is carried out primarily in steel containers to maintain the wine’s zest, as well as its distinctive colour, which holds through a six month fermentation process before being bottled.

Sauvignon from Friuli company for vegetable-based dishes

Sauvignon from Friuli is straw yellow with pale green hues, a unique, intense bouquet of fresh tomato leaves, peppers and elder. It has a soft, full-bodied palate, and is wonderful company for vegetable-based dishes such as asparagus risottos, borage herb frittatas and mixed mushroom salads. It also combines well with fish soup, and steamed cuttlefish with peas. Best served at 8° C.