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Grillo Wine, No Need to Compromise

Cricket wine is another example of a grape variety lending its name to the exceptional product it produces. Originally famous for its almost exclusive use in the production of Marsala, today it is more known in its purest form. This Sicilian white offers singular character and is marked by traits that make its uniqueness hard to replicate, pushing producers from the triangle that stretches between Trapani, Palermo and Agrigento in western Sicily to the top of their category.

Apart from maintaining freshness and balance in other whites, Grillo is incredibly suited to perfecting in wood, especially French oak, and ages surprisingly well. Vibrant straw yellow in colour, the bouquet is verdant, floral with citrus notes finished by a rich, full body with just the right touch of acidity to complete its refined structure. This robust quality makes it ideal for both meats and fish, as well as soups and soups. This Sicilian white is truly one of a kind.

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