Italian White Wine

Italian white wine, types to explore

Italian white wine means emerging yourself in a world of myriad qualities. Types of white wine – Malvasia, Greco, Arneis and Erbaluce – are characterized by traditional varietals, as well as those whose fame has only come recently. Such is the case for native Italian wine like Grillo and Catarratto in Sicily, which previously were almost exclusively used to blend Marsala, becoming true products in their own right and enriching the Italian white offer further.

Winemaking procedures changed in order to adapt to new trends in consumption starting in the 1980s. Traditionally, to produce Italian white wine the maceration phase was essentially skipped, with the immediate separation of the liquid of the must from the solids. Today, the process is strictly controlled before fermentation, allowing for the conservation of more aromatic characteristics compared to the past, championing fruity and floral bouquets.

The ability to re-approach the natural aromas of the grapes themselves is part of a positive evolution for Italian wines, thanks to the innumerable varieties that have been developed over centuries in symbiosis with Italian territories, assuming and communicating their unique attributes to all who taste them. So how about a refreshing Italian white?

pinot grigio
Italian White Wine

Pinot Grigio Wine

Pinot grigio wine, italian white The mere mention of Pinot Grigio wine tells the story of the boom in Italian white wine that took place between the 1970s and 1990s. For decades, Pinot Grigio is one of the most fashionable varieties of whites, exported in enormous quantities, and...

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