Italian Red Wine, Types to Discover

Italian red wine is a universe of flavor and varieties that starts directly in the vineyard. At least this is the rule for the Italian wine tradition. These types of red wine embody the characteristics of their territories of origin, not to mention the people who produce them, and Italian red means passion.

This idea is one of the primary principles distinguishing Italian red wine types from those made in Europe’s other important producing countries, and is a sum of the variety of types available and the care exercised on the vitis vinifera, the essential elements for the quality of the final product. Monitoring vine health, as well as choosing the right moment for harvesting – grapes with the perfect acid and sugar balance – are fundamental. This is complemented by painstaking work carried out in the cellar, and the know-how of master Italian winemakers, especially when aged in wood.

The combination of these factors, in addition to agricultural and economic evolution in the sector, provide an incredible array of exquisite Italian wine, stretching beyond the limits of the most common red varietals on the market. Not just Merlot and Cabernet, but types of red like Nebbiolo, Sagrantino, and Aglianico, that together with others will give any connoisseur a seemingly endless trail to follow.

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Italian Red Wine

Brindisi Wine

Brindisi Wine, Taste of the Italian South Brindisi wine began to spread throughout Italy when the ancient Greeks colonized much of the southern part...

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Italian Red Wine

Cirò Wine

Cirò Wine, The Result of Italian Mastery Cirò wine is undoubtedly the most widely known Italian red wine from Calabria, gaining admirers in Italy and...

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Italian Red Wine

Salice Salentino Riserva

Salice Salentino Riserva, A Top Salento Red Exquisite Salice Salentino Riserva is aged for at least 24 months, 6 of which occur in wood. This is the...

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Italian Red Wine


Susumaniello, Italian Wines of the South Susumaniello is an Italian red wine that is synonymous with the region of Puglia’s contemporary...