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Syrah Wine

Syrah Wine

Syrah Wine, International Italian Character

Syrah wine, also called Shiraz, is an Italian red wine that belongs to a group of so-called “global” varieties, even if its origins are not certain. Syrah red wine, according to some originates in the Persian village of Schiraz, reaching Italy for the first time in ancient times by way of Syracuse, others say it is Albanian after the discovery of genetic similarities with the its shesh. Still other DNA analysis indicates Syrah as related to the Italian varietals from Trentino Alto-Adige Teroldego and Lagrein.

A typical bouquet of black pepper is the characteristic that is perhaps the most defining for Syrah wine, the grapes for which, if cultivated correctly and in the right climactic conditions, are sure to offer it among the different aromas. This optimal Italian red is produced in the regions of Tuscany, Lazio, Puglia and Sicily where the best Syrah wine is achieved.

Given its high levels of pigmentation, the color of Syrah is generally deep red, becoming garnet with age, and opaque. It offers a complex nose that is floral and fruity, with hints of red fruit and violets. It is dry to the palate, structured, and tannic. Syrah is versatile and can be consumed with starters, pasta, vegetables or meat.

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