Salice Salentino Wine

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Salice Salentino Wine, From the Italian Heartland

Famed Salice Salentino wine is strong and generous in flavor. It is named after its hometown in the southern region of Puglia, where this Italian red wine has been produced across what are now the provinces of Brindisi and Lecce for time immemorial. This hearty red, also exalted in a Salice Salentino Riserva, is composed of the local Negroamaro grape variety (85%) and Malvasia nera (15%).

The characteristics of the area’s microclimate favor the cultivation of vigorous grapes, deep purple in color that grow in abundance. All of the Salento Peninsula’s (the “heel” of Italy) vitality and warmth are contained in the best Salice Salentino wine – producing a red that is rich to the palate, full-bodied, and indicated for pairing with aged cheeses, roasted pork, and grilled meats in general.

The varietals at the base of this famous red, which becomes brick-colored with age, are used to make optimal rosés. In addition to the Riserva, the granting of the DOC standard to protect its origin in 1976 led to production of new typologies such as white, dessert and sparkling wines. Among these, Aleatico is a perfect example of the diversity and depth present in this winemaking zone.

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